Just the Tax Man

The last several years has seen an explosion in tax complexity. While we used to be able to keep clients informed about pertinent planning changes on a semi-annual basis, that is no longer the case. These days our tax planning is all on the move- for example, should we be planning for an AMT exemption as it sits on the books currently at $45,000 for a married couple, or should we assume Congress will “patch” the AMT as they’ve done the last several years and increase the exemption to somewhere around $75,000? As you can imagine, $30,000 difference changes our planning strategy ever so slightly.

As our client base expands, and new and exciting avenues of technology and communication become available to us, we seek new and better ways to keep clients informed and engaged. In recent years, we have revamped our website, launched a company Facebook page and began using a Twitter account all serving as a platform for disseminating news information and deadline reminders. However, as the tax and business environment becomes increasingly complex, we felt it was time to introduce a slightly longer form method of communication.

With that in mind we are proud to announce the launch of our blog, Just the Tax Man. While our President is female, and the blog will not focus exclusively on taxes, we nevertheless felt the title was suitably punny for CPA purposes.

In utilizing this new tool, we hope to provide a more in depth look and discussion about planning issues, general tips, and to discuss relevant news issues. This blog will cover taxes, of course, but will also cover other areas in which we focus- business planning and consulting, cash flow analysis, tips for entrepreneurs, QuickBooks best practices, non-profit formation and compliance, and much more. In addition, we hope this will become a forum for engagement. If you have questions, or a topic you’d like to hear more about, please send them in to blog@mywatsoncpa.com.

We hope you’ll check back frequently for updates. Look for our first topic posting next week.